04. Production Projects and How to Effectively Storyboard ANYTHING.

Many of you have or have had a mashup project in your production classes. Blog about this process. Share the tools you used, experiences you had, trials you’ve overcome, etc… Share with us your work in progress or a finished work if you have it:

My production project in Principles of Design was interesting in that It allowed me to learn beyond the foreground middle ground and back ground of the 2-d objects we were creating. Layering is a huge premise to understand that i felt my mind and knowledge base growing from those ah-ha moments. It was a mashup of each student’s face. We laid down on a white background and took several serious or funny-faced pictures. All the lighting was the same so that helped with editing within Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Conversely, the same can be said for my Desktop Production 1 class assignment. We storyboarded several ideas and committed to the one we felt could be best expressed in the timeframe that we had to work within. This was challenging yet surprisingly refreshing. Our idea was a magic music room that had percussive elements as your stepped and moved throughout the room. When myself and the other student wwere collaborating it was difficult to really draw that idea into words.

So all in all, both projects we genric in nature but the goal of ours were to have seomthing unique, emotional and refreshing. IN hindsight, I now know that if a short film, book, or billboard design project can be effectively storyboarded, it has a better chance of making to that picture inside your mind of “the end state” for ANY project in the future.

Here’s a great recource that has helped me out in the past:


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