09. SEO for Musicians (like Music to your Bank Accounts)

A FUNNY STORY: My wife, Kimberly, who works professionally as a virtual assistant for several big name bloggers (can’t legally put any anchor links here, LOL, but this is where they’d go) has learned a lot of information about SEO. The niche that she primarily writes for are “deal blogs” that feature online coupon codes, in-store savings and product reviews.

It’s common practice in this niche business venture to use words in the title such as:

  • Smoking Hot Deal
  • *HOT* Check It Out!

A-N-D…bloggers who commonly use exact or similar taglines (like the ones above) were pulling a lot of SEO for traffic they may not be interested in receiving. So many of these (sometimes cut-throat) deal bloggers are such staunch conservatives. So through her research, Kim found it hilariously ironic that other’s massively successful deal websites were trending on sites like www.alexa.com for porn searches!

So the lesson learned for those bloggers and their sites is that search engines will only pickup what you say is important within your post; so if you have a lot of ambiguously descriptive words or details are vague, other people’s sites will get ahead of yours on Google.


Okay, one VERY successful tool for getting your SEO up is to create a blog for your musician adventures or life experiences and find ways to involve your songwriting. This might help with lyric development; to write based off of one experience per week, thus generating a bunch of new funny relevant content, all while growing as a musician. specifically on sites like YouTube, I’ve seen artists do cover songs of very trending and popular songs. They list “band name – song they’re covering space (their name) then the word cover”.

And doing it this way is EXACTLY what types of tasks you need to be doing as an artist. The “searcher” AKA your audience DOESN’T want to know that it’s a cover – they’re looking for a specific artist or song. And if it happens to be your rendition, you might be surprised how many loyal fans you can get on YouTube simply by following this business model. It really is all about SEO or else your songs, image, lyrics and yes, your heart – they’ll all fall on deaf ears. And blind eyes in the case of YouTube.

Finally, another element is to have all of your videos monetized on YouTube, so when one of the hundred or so go viral, you’ll be collecting the check. Now THAT’S getting paid for your music. Selling your CDs at a merchandise booth might’ve been a really good way in the past to generate some finances for your art form and touring act, but now it’s not the only way.

As the “electronic society” that we’ve grown into, we owe it to ourselves to “figure out” SEO and how it relates to our niche market. And as my amazingly HOT HOT HOT wife Kimberly knows all to well from other’s missteps, do the due diligence and reap the real benefits.


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