Florida police department to use body-mounted cameras

GOOD. GREAT! Let’s impliment this world-wide!!!!!! If idiot can film events out of context and instigate officers, then lets tell the WHOLE story. Maybe then both parties can understand “WHAT HAPPENED”.

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Cory Kerr,

I’ve been thinking about our artistic conversations within our journey in the field of creation and art expression a lot lately. Day Dreaming about that touch screen monitor/bamboo wacom pad.

This is a tiny “megapixel” of what i use to quickly jot down an artistic idea. It’s on the apple store but I just found it online as well. Tons more room to move around and not be stopped by the iPhone 4 screen edges.

Hope you and your family are better than the best today and that this note finds you smiling.

PS – we’re sending a friend out your way for design. 🙂
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Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard

Anyone seen this type of split keyboard before?? The major advantage I see, is the smaller double SpaceBar feature.

I bought my gaming Keyboard in 2007, and it’s STILL kicking strong…BUT Kim and I are thinking more and more about an “Ergonomic” Keyboard that’s raised in the middle and peaks right about the “TY,GH, & B keys”
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Co-Lin Martial Arts

Kimberly Morgan and I are setting Zeke up to become the “Red Ninja” he claims to be training to become.

The Korean martial arts place near the Brookhaven cinema is offering a great deal on group lessons.

We’re hoping Zeke’s social diversity and positive self esteem and discipline will become even further developed than it is now and we can continue to provide his schooling at home.
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I’m really looking forward to having a daughter some day.

Until then, I’ll keep treating the women in my life like the daughters from Heaven they truly ARE. I wasn’t always the best behaved growing up, and I yelled at my mother sometimes. Okay, I was a total brat 49% of the time; but I always had that burning desire to be better than that person that I beheld in the mirror yesterday – and it’s led me to my today’s.

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