02. Why Record in General?

Here are my top 10 reasons to become committed to recording on a daily basis:

10. With all the mobile phone apps that are available (and hundreds more in development), you’ve got well over 50 solid options to “capture” who you are.

09. Hearing yourself recorded can help you rethink your identity. It can forge new career fields that will open up for you. especially if you have your own website with a live voicemail of sorts that’s able to be heard by anyone you wish.

08. You can document your thoughts for super cheap and file these sessions for others to access or simply for you own benefit.

07. Your family can connect with you at different times – they can upload a file with a mobile application on their cell phones such as “HeyTell” and have and enjoy a higher quality short message than on a traditional cell phone or video conferencing call. Imagine hearing a traveling loved one with the same quality as if they were in the same room with you, no matter the miles apart. You don’t lose sound quality as the miles between you and them increase.

06. Recording a daily log can actually help police and local/national officials with detailed “clues” as to your whereabouts if you lose track of time, get lost while camping, become a hostage or get kidnapped. Even a message delivered to several friends and/or family before getting in a car wreck can provide vital information and proof of your location, motives, and alibi for legal reasons.


05. Statistically, people who read, write and record are more likely to be smarter and become true critical thinkers.

04. You can record the spiritual thoughts and feelings for others to have after you die. You can even inspire hundreds of other through a medium of posting recorded dialogue called Podcasts. This is career-changing if you’re a clergy-member, motivational speaker or need to review your delivery of content to your specific audience.

03. You really owe this to yourself and those that know and love you.

02. Would you put a price on hundreds of sentences interlaced between the pages of a book your great-grandmother once used while she was in middle school?

01. You can essentially become immortalized through the thoughts, poems, dialogue, songs, or ditties you compose – however mundane or boring.

So what are some of your goals in recording and music or capturing who you are? Post them in the comments section or email me at troyinlasvegas@gmail.com

Wanna discover the real science behind your vocal cords and ears?


01. Getting Audible About How We’re Connected (how I found sound pleasant to be around)


I’m really excited that you’ve chosen to click my way and perhaps book a free recording session and assessment with me. This is my way of gathering all the amazing gems that I’ve recieved through various mentors of mine as well as a few shared stars in the media limelight maybe too. I started out teaching guitar after winning 2nd place out of around 25 High School bands that entered and my vice prinicple approached me and asked me if i taught guitar. I didn’t but said yes and quickly and efficiently prepared for the seemingly huge task of taking everything that i had learned since 1998 and applying it to simplistic and digestable lessons for my then 11 year old student.

Each day after school, my well-practiced pupil and I would meet up in a quiet classroom where I would inspire, teach and quiz my very first student in the ways of the guitar’s fretboard and basic theory. This went very well and the check of around $15-25 dollars a week seemed like a fresh hundred dollar bill in my newly created bank account. It was a rush to teach so effectively but more so, i realized the power that teaching what i knew by heart was having on my students as i’ve taught through to March of 2012.

From there, I transistioned out of my offical career as an Air Force Entomologist spanning 8 years 7 months and 3 days. (Wow what a long strange and awesome trip it’s been) and am now pursuing an assosiates in Audio Production and Engineering. From there, i’ll be moving on to what i believe to be my life’s work and passion; Music Therapy.