08. Massively Transform your Music: with TUNECORE !

Before the dawn of time, Man found things in his environment and transformed them into instruments. Then, no so long ago in the distant past, we created ways to capture and record the sounds of these tools on materials. The premise in part was that if you weren’t physically at the concert hall or auditorium where the music was playing, you could experience it long after the last note had resonated into silence. And finally after the birth of the early internet and it’s associated systems/operations, we’ve arrived at what is called “Web 2.0” which has birthed so many tools to make the music industry the ever-changing and widely growing endeavor that it always was. This is where game changing tool like Tunecore comes into play!

We’re seeing savvy artists, arist managers and even some tender-hearted show promoters utilizing services like: Tunecore, Reverbnation, CDBaby, Topspin, Nimbit, Sonicbids, and Bandcamp as the most recent that I’ve heard. And while there is always a dollar to be made, these types of services are becoming like guitar strings to a guitar player. It’s a vital role to have a definite reach towards as many listeners that love music as possible. And you might have 5,000 Facebook friends online who all know you personally and support you, but if your album isn’t on iTunes (for instance), then they reach a dead end and chalk it up to, “well, i don’t know how this works if i can’t use my account infomation from something I already have set up”.

Sometimes, it takes an individual thousands of dollars to learn a lesson. Others out there in the world seem to find the gems early. And as soon as they do, they act. This single service will solidify dreams as well as songs. And it’s as easy as an elevator ride. So why are people still “taking the stairs” with their online and physical prescence? Why wouldn’t you use a service like Tunecore?