01. Getting Audible About How We’re Connected (how I found sound pleasant to be around)


I’m really excited that you’ve chosen to click my way and perhaps book a free recording session and assessment with me. This is my way of gathering all the amazing gems that I’ve recieved through various mentors of mine as well as a few shared stars in the media limelight maybe too. I started out teaching guitar after winning 2nd place out of around 25 High School bands that entered and my vice prinicple approached me and asked me if i taught guitar. I didn’t but said yes and quickly and efficiently prepared for the seemingly huge task of taking everything that i had learned since 1998 and applying it to simplistic and digestable lessons for my then 11 year old student.

Each day after school, my well-practiced pupil and I would meet up in a quiet classroom where I would inspire, teach and quiz my very first student in the ways of the guitar’s fretboard and basic theory. This went very well and the check of around $15-25 dollars a week seemed like a fresh hundred dollar bill in my newly created bank account. It was a rush to teach so effectively but more so, i realized the power that teaching what i knew by heart was having on my students as i’ve taught through to March of 2012.

From there, I transistioned out of my offical career as an Air Force Entomologist spanning 8 years 7 months and 3 days. (Wow what a long strange and awesome trip it’s been) and am now pursuing an assosiates in Audio Production and Engineering. From there, i’ll be moving on to what i believe to be my life’s work and passion; Music Therapy.